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Server Rules

01: Micspam and chat spam is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Copypastas, excessive chat advertisement binds, holding your mic down (even if there is no audio,) playing music, and ear rape.

02: Do not advertise other websites, discord servers, community servers, etc. without staff permission.

03: Do not argue with staff. Even if something isnt a rule, and an admin tells you to stop doing what youre doing, stop.

04: Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the owners at any time.

05: Do not disrespect staff and do not harass other players. The definition of harassment is up to the present admin(s) to decide.

06: No false advertising or impersonation of other users

07: Swearing is allowed, but the use of any racial slurs, omitting to them, or partially saying them is prohibited.

08: Scamming and sharking is strictly prohibited and anyone caught will be immediately banned.

09: Begging or asking for any type of items or services for free is prohibited.

10: Advertisements are 1st priority on the mic. Interruption of any kind will result in a mute.

11: Abusing !arena will result in a gag.

12: Steam items only unless in the "Trusted Traders" section on our discord or steam group. (no PayPal, steam cards, so on)

13 Posting of any type of personal info will result in an immediate ban.

14: Posting of any slanderous messages/images towards other people/servers will result in a mute/ban.

DMing players on our server to avoid any of the above rules is also grounds for a ban