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Server Rules

01: Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the owners at any time.

02: Do not argue with staff. Even if something isnt a rule, and an admin tells you to stop doing what youre doing, stop.

03: Do not disrespect staff and do not harass other players. The definition of harassment is up to the present admin(s) to decide.

04: Advertisements are 1st priority on the mic. Interruption of any kind will result in a mute.

05: Mic spam and chat spam is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: copy-pastas, excessive chat advertisement binds, holding your mic down (even if there is no audio), playing music, soundboards, and ear rape.

06: No false advertising or impersonation of other users

07: Do not advertise other websites, discord servers, community servers, etc. without staff permission with the exception of posting in self-advertising channel of the Discord.

08: Begging or asking for any type of items or services for free is prohibited.

09: Swearing is allowed, but the use of any racial slurs, omitting to them, or partially saying them is prohibited.

10: Abusing !arena will result in a gag and hacking in-game will result in a permanent ban. Gambling of any kind conducted in the server is not allowed.

11: You must have a public profile and inventory at all times while on the server. Refusing to make it public will result in a kick.

12: Steam items only unless you have been pre-approved for our cash trader role known as Trusted Trader. (no PayPal, Steam Wallet Cards, Crypto, etc.)

13: Scamming and sharking is strictly prohibited and anyone caught will be immediately banned.

14: Posting of any type of personal info will result in an immediate ban.

15: Posting of any slanderous messages/images towards other people/servers will result in a mute/ban.

DMing players on our server to avoid any of the above rules is also grounds for a ban